We drink LoveSpring

In alliance with LoveSpring YOU can be part of spreading love and mineral water as well as making a difference for the less privileged people in some of the poorest countries in the world.

LoveSpring is an obvious choice for those who seek a transparent charitable partner. All of LoveSpring’s work is unpaid so that we can donate all profits to helping others. Since the first time LoveSpring supplied water from the moors of Jutland to the conscious consumer, we have established partnerships with strong brands, such as: Roskilde Festival, Spot Festival, Copenhagen Carnival, Aarhus Festive Week, Schur Conference Centre, the renowned CO2-neutral Brøchner Hotels and others.

You can see what some of our collaborators think of the LoveSpring initiative just below.

    Event manager Sasha Hansen
  • It is wonderful how you can help children in Western Africa to access clean water just by emptying a bottle of water! It is so easy, that we cannot help it. In Edgemo, we now drink bottled water with a clear conscience. Edgemo is a supplyer of IT infrastructure. But we do it in our way – because IT should also be easy!
  • I think the initiative is fantastic. This is a company on the right path. The concept works perfectly in accordance with our shop. We use organic milk, Fair Trade coffee and we try to do as much as possible to make the world a better place. Steadily, we continue to do what we can.
    Kristoffer Hasløv
    Street Coffee v/ co-founder Kristoffer Hasløv
  • It is a very interesting concept. It provides water for water – simple as that. Different charity projects often reach out to us, but LoveSpring really resembled what we stand for in the Carnival. The guests on Copenhagen Island loved the idea when we presented it!
    Event manager Sasha Hansen
    Copenhagen Carnival

Become a partner

You can become LoveSpring’s new partner.

By featuring LoveSpring in your offices, canteens, and on your shelves you improve your story telling to customers, employees and partners when it comes to water, too. LoveSpring will be a simple and attractive way to streamline your social-minded profile. Let us meet and draw up the water route for your company and LoveSpring.

You can contact LoveSpring’s frontman, Andreas Papadakis, by phone: +4540108811 or mail papas@lovespring.com