LoveSpring – water for water

LoveSpring simply strive towards providing clean drinking water in the parts of the world where it’s needed. Since 2008 we’ve provided clean drinking water to tens of thousands of people in Africa and Asia. You can help our cause as a private person or a company by contacting us or donating through our Danish site. You can also reach out for collaborations and to apply for funds.

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LoveSpring – water for water

LoveSpring is water for water. We sell bottled water and donate all profits to humanitarian well projects in less developed countries as we strive to contribute to a better world. Moreover, all of our products are produced under total emission free conditions. In this way, we ensure that you can enjoy a natural drink with a clean conscience.



LoveSpring - water for water

Every year more than 35.000 drinking bottles are sold on Roskilde festival. Since 2009, LoveSpring has made sure that Roskilde’s thirsty festival guests never have to go far to get cold water. In 2016 LoveSpring have 5 stands, 4 cycles and more than 100 volunteers selling our products on the festival. The cooperation has each year generated a surplus, which has made a noticeable difference for many of the West African projects.

Vores Projekter

LoveSpring has the ambition of making the world a better place and it requires your help. Our revenue is indisputably allocated to one of our well projects in a part of the world, where clean drinking water is truly needed.

So far, our projects have created great change, but with your help we are able to lead the positive results in the world’s poorest countries to new heights. Therefore, we highly appreciate all the attention and donations we get from our loyal customers.

We have established wells in Western Africa to grant easy access to clean water, in order for thousands of kids to spend time in school instead of spending hours on collecting water far from home. This helps generating positive development in their villages. Our projects are established in coalition with BØRNEfonden so that we can help the world to become a better place together.