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In 2009 LoveSpring decided that all profits from selling water were to be donated to humanitarian water projects in collaboration with BØRNEfonden.
Since then, we have been thrilled and proud to see dreams come true and many planned projects become realized – all thanks to the many people who have supported LoveSpring and shared our vision.

You can choose a projeckt to support, or just give a donation and let us choose the project for you.

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Lotta Salling

21. April 2023

John Hansen

13. April 2023

Lotte Feldborg

1. April 2023

Morten Vestergaard

2. September 2022

Søren Skjold Andersen

12. August 2022

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The families who reside in the villages live in mud-build huts without water, latrine and electricity. Poor hygiene, unilateral food and contaminated water lead to high infant mortality and poor health conditions. In order to ensure that families have access to clean drinking water, BØRNEfonden constructs encapsulated wells that protect the water from becoming contaminated.

BØRNEfonden builds water reservoirs and irrigation systems for watering the fields.