Well projects inWestern Africa

In 2009 LoveSpring decided that all profits from selling water were to be donated to humanitarian water projects in collaboration with BØRNEfonden.
Since then, we have been thrilled and proud to see dreams come true and many planned projects become realized – all thanks to the many people who have supported LoveSpring and shared our vision.


LoveSpring’s first implemented water project was the construction of a water tank in Possotome in the Mono Province of Benin, Western Africa. LoveSpring financed the water tank for the village’s nursery school. In Benin, poor hygiene and contaminated water contributes to high rates of infant mortality and poor health conditions. So, in order to ensure that the drinking water in Possotome remained clean and encapsulated, a closed water tank where reign water could be gathered in protection from contamination was constructed.


Another water tank in Benin was constructed in the following year – in this case for a school in the village Monkpa. Again it was initiated by BØRNEfonden and funded by LoveSpring. The village, Monkpa, has 3.600 inhabitants and the school has 260 pupils – thus, lots of people has benefitted from the construction. However, the water tank was not the only thing implemented in Monkpa. As a result of poor access to clean water and proper sanitary conditions LoveSpring’s donation also included 4 latrines – i.e. toilets – that the village’s citizens enthusiastically helped to construct.


In 2011 the, at that time, most comprehensive LoveSpring project was finalized. In the village Komtoéga in Burkina Faso we established a well at the local school in collaboration with BØRNEfonden. To this day it secures clean drinking water – not only for the school’s 60 pupils – but also for the rest of the village’s 700 inhabitants.


In September 2011 LoveSpring joined forces with Aarhus Vand, a Danish water company, and organized the public race “Vandkamp 2011” through which we raised money for the construction of a water pump in the village Kaboli in the West African nation Togo. BØRNEfonden was the main sponsor of this event.

Part of the money raised through the 2012 race, “Vandkamp 2012”, were allocated to a latrine project at a school in the village N’gonpélimon – also located in Togo. During the summer of 2012 four latrines (toilets) were constructed together with a washbasin system, which allowed 900 pupils and teachers to access toilets in a much more hygienic and private way.


In 2012 LoveSpring started the construction of yet another well in Burkina Faso, which was finalized in 2013. The village Lon and its 2172 inhabitants now have direct access to clean water.


In 2014 LoveSpring financed another well in the Malian village Bonounko. The well was build in connection with the town’s nursery school and is now supplying the whole village with water.


LoveSpring has funded the construction of a well near the Malian village Yorontienna. The well is currently under construction and is expected finalized at the end of 2016.


The families who reside in the villages live in mud-build huts without water, latrine and electricity. Poor hygiene, unilateral food and contaminated water lead to high infant mortality and poor health conditions. In order to ensure that families have access to clean drinking water, BØRNEfonden constructs encapsulated wells that protect the water from becoming contaminated.

BØRNEfonden builds water reservoirs and irrigation systems for watering the fields.